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This is a group unlike any other in Los Angeles…

…an intimate circle of creative professionals gathering in-person each month to receive strategic coaching from me and to give wholehearted support to each other.

Having a group of smart, talented colleagues who are there for you – to help shift your perspective, encourage your proactivity, and celebrate your progress – can be a game-changer.

And if you’ve been pursuing your goals in a somewhat solitary environment, or you have friends and loved ones who don’t quite understand the challenges involved with juggling all of the moving parts of your businesses and/or creative endeavors, then you’ll likely find participating in this mastermind to be a particularly enriching experience.

This group exists so exceptional adults (of any age or gender identity) can connect and flourish.

If that sounds good to you, then read on…

…more details, member testimonials, the IAM Interest Form, and some free “extra credit” resources are all included below.


“…it’s full of love, it’s full of joy, it’s full of accomplishment [because] we get to witness everybody’s growth every month.”

“[The group] helps alleviate the isolation that you have – especially in Los Angeles. I’ve never left a meeting without feeling great, uplifted, and feeling like I’m back on track again.”

“There’s a lot of shady rip-off type stuff in this town, so when you find somebody like Kristine who’s bringing all of the good people and all of the good information, you just grab on.”

“Kristine changed the way I use my vocabulary so that I would own my accomplishments – that helped me a lot.”

“It’s a really great collaboration of people… you can bring up questions or issues and not have to worry about being judged because everybody is so supportive.”


There are 3 enrollment periods per year when new members can join:

• enrollment in February (with your first meeting being in March)
• enrollment in June (with your first meeting being in July)
• enrollment in October (with your first meeting being in November)

You may keep your seat in a group as long as you’d like – at least one full year is highly recommended.

Both groups meet from 10am to 12:30pm
Doors open at 9:30am

It’s fine if you have to show up late or leave early.

Both groups meet in Glendale, CA.

There is a cat.

Plenty of free parking.

I’ve been leading multiple mastermind groups every single month (consecutively) for the past 17 years, so I am an expert facilitator and able to keep things on track and moving along. The groups start and end on time, and each one is a lively, intimate, positive experience that will leave you with some valuable, applicable insights.

The structure of our meetings center around members being able to ask questions and receive guidance from me (and, at times, receive facilitated feedback from the group.

In general, our meetings looks like this:

9:30 am –– doors open
(members gather and talk while Kristine conducts a free, private, 30-min. coaching session with one of the members)

10am –– meeting begins
(updates from members who applied guidance from the previous meeting)

10:10 am –– coaching session one
(open Q&A to receive Kristine’s guidance)

11:10 am –– brief stretch break

11:15 am –– coaching session two
(Kristine might discuss a particular topic and/or more Q&A)

12:15 pm –– Inspired Action Shares
(sharing any particular insights members gained during this meeting)

12:30 pm –– meeting ends
(members can stay and talk while Kristine conducts a free, private, 30-min. coaching session with one of the members)

1 pm –– doors close

The cost of retaining your seat in a group is $60 per month.

Dues are pre-paid in 4-month increments as follows:

• $240 due in February for March, April, May and June
• $240 due in June for July, August, September and October
• $240 due in October for November, December, January and February

You may pay by cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, or PayPal.

Payments are not refundable…
…except if, after your very first meeting, you come to the realization that you are simply “in the wrong room with the wrong people.” Engaging with a new guide and a new group always requires a leap of faith – I want to acknowledge that reality by minimizing your financial risk. If you wish to leave the group after your first meeting, let me know and I will refund the remaining three months of your membership ($180).

Mastermind members receive access to free private coaching sessions with me on our meeting days, a generous reduction on the cost of private sessions with me on other days, and free downloads of a variety of my products.

“The group of friends and the support that I’ve gotten has been unbelievably useful, not just for my career, but for me as a person.”

“It’s a completely unique kind of structured environment. You don’t get this type of feedback [elsewhere].”

“I’ve done a handful of mastermind groups and this, by far, has been the strongest one I’ve been a part of because it’s operating at such a high level.”

“There’s a lot of things in this town where you check them out and you’re like: ‘Woah – no.’ I like the real deal – and this is the real deal.”

“I love to surround myself with positive people who have a like mindset and who really want to succeed.”

I will let you know when I’ve received your form and, if there are seats available during the next enrollment period, you will be contacted via email with an invitation to joinand then our adventure will begin!

This group is open to exceptional people of any gender identity.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Here are some ways you can get yourself ready for the group:

Watch this video:
click the image below to play

In the video you’ll learn how I define a “focus” and why I think having one is so valuable to your sanity and success.

(This is the first video in a series that was created for another project, but I thought you would find it helpful.)

Right-click the link – or use option key + mouse click – to save to your computer. If you have difficulty downloading, try switching browsers – from the one you are using to Firefox, Safari, or Chrome.

Watch these videos:
click the images below to play

These videos walk you though how to find and plug your mental energy leaks. Every bit of mental energy that you prevent from being drained out of you, is energy that you retain and are thus able to direct towards the projects that YOU want to accomplish and the experiences that YOU want to enjoy.

(These videos were created for my Mindset Reset Program and I thought you would find them helpful.)

Right-click the link – or use option key + mouse click – to save to your computer. If you have difficulty downloading, try switching browsers – from the one you are using to Firefox, Safari, or Chrome.

Read this book:

Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown is a quick read that packs a powerful punch. Full of keen observations and insights, the book is a perfect and very practical compliment to the subject matter we will be exploring in the Inspired Action Mastermind group. (This book prompted me to take two immediate actions that positively impacted my life in very significant ways and it is now required reading for all of my Leap Year clients.)

“Kristine is very encouraging – she also has a critical eye, but she has a compassionate critical eye.”

“The people in the mastermind group are just fabulous, fascinating, creative professionals and Kristine has helped us create an atmosphere that’s really supportive – everyone is rooting for each other.”

“I think it’s always hard, when you have certain goals in life, to find your team – Kristine just seems like the perfect mentor.”

“Day-to-day in front of our computers and driving around town, we’re alone in this, so that group of other people who care about what happened to you since last month and where you’re going next month is the biggest reason [I’m there].”

“Because Kristine is able to curate the people who are in the group and curate the questions and how the process goes, I think that makes all the difference in the world.”