A few additional thoughts:

“Forget your troubles…

…come on, get happy” – oh, WAIT – forgetting your troubles isn’t actually necessary!

Nor is chartering a yacht off St. Barts.

(Although that would be niiiiiice.)

Yet circumstances and things are, in truth, only happiness boosters – elevating the happy* you already have inside.

And, certainly, circumstances and things can momentarily distract you from the fact that your happy* flame might be burning a bit low.

But do not forget that YOU are the keeper of that flame… and you have the power to make it burn, baby, burn, no matter where you are and no matter what’s going on.


(*By “happy” I don’t mean forcing yourself to be a cheery-pants Pollyanna. I simply mean doing the best you can to enjoy your unique blend of contentment, joy, good humor, and positivity.)