A few additional thoughts:

Usually when you give…

…you want the person to receive –


(Ya know, so you can swim in the goodness of your giving.)

But that isn’t the magic formula.

I discovered this fact when I was doing a purge of several binders full of notes that I had taken while reading the many, many business and marketing books I consulted while building my organizing biz.

(Not being able to afford to buy the books at that time in my life, I’d settle into a book store or library and take copious notes.)

As I reviewed the binder pages, I noticed that, over a period of time, I had made notes about a particular concept six different times (from six different books).

And then… no mention of that concept again in all of the remaining binders – indicating that the concept had finally been fully absorbed by me.

I know I must have come across that concept a seventh time in a seventh book, but by then, it had become a concept that I knew I knew and so I didn’t need to write it down again.

It struck me as very interesting that it took six notes on this concept before it fully sank in!

And I was filled with gratitude that six different authors wrote books that mentioned the concept in six slightly different ways…

…and that the sixth author explained it in just the right way (and I read it at just the right time) for it to finally “click” with me.

(What if those other authors had decided to skip that concept because it was “already covered” in another book?)

As a coach, it is deeply delightful to be the “sixth author” who gets to see their guidance click with someone.

But I realized that day while purging those binders, that many times, as a giver-of-advice, I would be the “fifth author” (or the first!) for the person receiving my words of wisdom.

And, no matter how wise my words are, it might not be the right time for those words to “click” with the person I’m giving them to – but that doesn’t mean my gift of them isn’t valuable or needed.

It simply means that I should refrain from becoming attached to being The One Who “Makes” The Magic Happen.

So, I encourage you (as I encourage myself) to trust that the magic will happen at its own perfect time and in its own perfect way.