A few additional thoughts:

The next time…

…you’re in a room full of people, don’t concern yourself with being the one who is the most successful.

Instead, aim to be the one who is enjoying their success the most.

A subtle but powerful shift in perspective, don’t you think?

A brave one, too.

Because enjoying your success – your successes, actually – requires that you acknowledge AND fully own them.

Enjoying your successes also requires that you accept that they are, at this moment, worthy of being proud of AND that you are worthy of having had them.

It can take some inner work to release the thoughts that are preventing you from opening your mind and heart to all that is above.

But, as someone who has worked her way though an inner obstacle course or two during these last few decades, I can assure you that doing what it takes to become THAT person in the room will be one of your greatest successes ever.