A few additional thoughts:

It’s helpful to know…

…that deciding to make a significant shift is almost meaningless.

Because shifts don’t require decisions.

They require commitments.

A decision is a “one-and-done” type of thing:

:: Where shall we go to lunch?
:: Do I want to keep this lamp?
:: When should we break ground on our pool?

Transforming an aspect of your life requires an on-going commitment to shifting your mental, physical (and sometimes spiritual) habits, perspectives, and thought patterns.

Especially in the beginning stages, you’ll need to periodically draw your wandering attention back to your commitment.

Remind yourself of your commitment.

Re-commit to your commitment.

This can feel like a monthly, weekly, daily (or even hourly) “practice.”

But know that this act of reminding yourself is NOT a sign of your weakness!

It’s just what a commitment IS.

Too often we are told all we have to do is make a “decision” to shift.

(And, what – magically that decision should stick? Suddenly we’ll be blessed with all the willpower pixie dust we’ll need? Hardly.)

So, when your commitment gets off track, don’t beat yourself up (cuz that’s just a waste of energy).

Just re-commit, again and again, until you make the shift your heart desires.