A few additional thoughts:

Connecting with others is…

a) wonderful
b) necessary
c) exhausting
d) all of the above

Nope, “d” is actually not the right answer.

(At least it doesn’t have to be.)

You can take the “exhausting” part out of the equation.


When it comes to connecting with people – networking, marketing, touching base – you may have gotten yourself on the treadmill of connecting constantly.

And it may not even be that you are reaching out to everybody all the time – it may just be that you feel like you are always, always doing some type of reaching out to somebody.

If what you are currently doing feels like it’s too much for you, I’m giving you permission to scale back (forever!) – from constantly (which is unsustainable) to consistently.

Because consistent is all you actually need.

:: Your consistent may look different than my consistent.

:: Your consistent will probably be different for the different people or groups in your life.

:: And your consistent may change if the circumstances of your life or the demands on your time and energy change.


So, if you give yourself permission to make the HOW and WHEN you connect effective, efficient, and more about serving your sanity than competing for the 24/7 Medal of Valor, what might happen?

a) Nothing bad.
b) People will still remember you exist.
c) You will enjoy the process more.

All of the above.