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Our work together begins with a New Client Clarity Session.

This is a powerful, private, 2-hour conversation where all of my coaching and strategy skills are at your service and directed towards any areas of your life and/or career that you would like to discuss.

Some folks arrive with a typed agenda, while others use our time together to feel their way around an issue or a project. No matter the approach, you’ll leave with significant insights, perspective shifts, action steps, and resource recommendations tailored specifically to you, your circumstances, and your goals.

Why is getting strategic guidance so valuable – even for someone as successful as yourself?

Because your current life is more complex and full of more responsibilities than the one you had when you first embarked on your journey. Also, your desire to make some significant shifts (a.k.a. rock the boat) may be being met with unexpected resistance from a variety of sources (including yourself). On top of that, you are multi-talented, so you have the ability (and possibly the yearning) to go in several different directions (sometimes all at once).

That’s a lot.  And, when you’re living in the thick of it – when you’re living “down in the details” – it can feel overwhelming and you can easily get stuck in the spin cycle.

Pulling back from the details of your life so that you can view what’s going on from a different, “bigger picture” perspective can be a helpful exercise… but doing so with someone like me by your side can be revelatory.

If that resonates with you, read on…

…details, client testimonials, frequently asked questions, and the Clarity Session Interest Form are all included below.

“She’s a spectacular listener – I can tell she doesn’t have a [predetermined] response for you before you start speaking. You’re talking and you really feel someone is there absorbing what you are saying… and, because of that, it really allowed me to go deep, it really allowed me to get honest, and it really allowed me to own some of the things that I really could be doing for myself.”

“Kristine is very, very helpful in helping you have those ‘sweaty palm’ conversations that you don’t want to have with people – because she’s very intuitive in understanding how to communicate effectively so that, if you need to make a certain shifts, you can do so without burning any bridges.”

“I’m frankly thinking about retirement and what I’m going to do with myself – I have lots of interests, I have too many interests… I laid these options out there and she asked a lot of questions and then proceeded to basically synthesize something I hadn’t even considered – something that I could do anywhere that would always bring some income in and play to my strengths.”

“I like that she deals with the whole person. She doesn’t just deal with the nuts and bolts of organizing you in your life and career, she also deals with who you are as a person emotionally, mentally, spiritually – all those sides of your persona and personality are addressed when you work with her.”

This session lasts up to 2 hours.

You’ll receive a post-session email from me which will include an mp3 recording of the session plus any relevant resources, connections, and/or info.

We can meet on a Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, or Saturday.

We can meet in person (in Glendale, CA) or via phone or Skype.

Preparation for this session is not required – you are welcome to show up as-is and we can take it from there.

However, if you’d like to bring me up to speed on where you’re at and/or let me know what you’d like to focus on during our session and/or share some relevant links with me, you can certainly send me an email (least 24 hours before our session so I’ll have time to take a look).

Also, if you have the time and the inclination before we meet, I would strongly recommend that you read the book Essentialism by Greg McKeown. It’s a quick read, packs a powerful punch, and will likely provide some excellent food for thought.

The New Client Clarity Session is $580.

You may pay by cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, or PayPal.

Payments are not refundable. I trust that the various audios and videos available on this site will provoke a clear feeling in your gut regarding whether or not we are a good match. However, if you’d like to chat with me just to make sure that what I’ve gots is what you wants, simply make that request when you fill out the interest form below and we’ll schedule a time to connect on the phone.

“I’ve always felt that my role as a father was to help my kids become the best people they can be, and Kristine helped me become the best person I can be. I know that [our work together] put me in a place where I am extraordinarily confident about what I want to do, where I want to do it, and how I want to do it.”

“For me, Kristine is the person I call once a year and say, ‘Okay, this is where I got to, this is where I want to go to, what’s this year’s plan?’ and she breaks it down… and it’s not overwhelming.”

“Having this [new] sense of not being ashamed to ask for what I want, that has changed everything – I went to Kristine for professional reasons but it’s actually changed a lot of things for me in my personal life, too. I have to say, every minute that I’ve spent with her has been worth everything I’ve paid her, and more.”

“I have worked with many coaches over the years – as a business owner, as a mother, as a financial expert – but Kristine has a talent of bringing together, so powerfully and so beautifully, what is most important to me. What she has a way of doing is really asking the questions that create in me a laser focus – and then designing the path.”

Do you work with men?

Yes! While I specialize in working with women making changes in mid-life, my masterminds and private programs are (and have always been) open to clients of any gender identity.

May I bring someone with me to my Clarity Session?

Yes, if you let me know in advance that you will be doing so, you are welcome to include another person in your session. I strongly suggest that this person be someone who has a vested interest in the issues we will be discussing. You will be the focus of our time together.

Sharing a Clarity Session with a colleague or peer simply because the two of you are pursuing similar goals in the same industry is not permitted because won’t be an effective or satisfying use of our time.

If I like what I receive from the New Client Clarity Session and want to continue working with you, how would we proceed?

There are several ways we can continue working together:

Your Leap Year Program (unlimited access)
If you become one of my select Your Leap Year Private Clients, I become a member of your team. You have full access to me whenever you need it for an entire year. Clients have found this level of connection and guidance to be so valuable that several are on their second and third Leap Years with me. If, within 2 weeks of your New Client Clarity Session, we agree that the complexity of your goals and your desire for personalized support warrants the investment in a Leap Year, you will be able to deduct your New Client Clarity Session payment ($580) from the cost of the year-long program.

4-pack of Clarity Sessions (2 hours each / $1,690 total)
This popular package is for those folks who’d like to book regular sessions with me – monthly, or every-other-month, or quarterly. Many have found it incredibly helpful to have this accountability, structure, and regular guidance built into their schedule. The entire fee for the 4-pack is paid in full and all four appointments are put on the calendar. All four appointments must be used within 12 months. If, after your New Client Clarity Session, you decide that you’d like to count that session as part of a 4-pack, you will be able deduct that session’s payment from the total (which looks like: $1,690 – $580 = $1110 total due)

Single Clarity Sessions (2 hours / $480)
Now that you are a client, anytime you’d like to have a private powwow with me, you are welcome to do so at this reduced rate.

Inspired Action Mastermind ($60 month)
If you are in L.A., you might consider joining my ongoing (and truly game-changing) in-person monthly mastermind group. Members are able to book private 30 minute mini-sessions with me for free and book full 2 hour Clarity Sessions at the special rate of $380.

“Kristine’s ability to come in and treat each person [on my team] as an individual was essential – it was remarkable, actually. Each person felt heard and valued and cared for… including me.”

“I was shy and quirky and didn’t know what I wanted in life… and in the four years [that we’ve worked together] Kristine has guided me to be confident in my abilities, confident in my quirkiness, goal-oriented, and excited – even when I’m struggling or having a bad week.”

“I feel much better about my move now that I have a clear vision of where I need to go, how I will get there and giving myself enough time to do it.”

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Pat Fraley: “Over the course of that year [working with Kristine] I tripled my income.”

Ann DeWig: “I’ve never felt this much in control of my life and my career and I’m certain she can do the same for you.”

If you have any questions not covered on this page, please feel free to contact me.

If you are interested in booking a Clarity Session simply fill out and submit the form below.

Your answers will be kept confidential – this form is delivered directly into my inbox (not my assistant’s) and it will be viewed only by me. Once I get your form, I will contact you and we will get your session scheduled.