A few additional thoughts:

The crazy thing is…

…your comfort zone has an elastic waistband!

And each Bold Move you make stretches it wider and wider – increasing your capacity for success.

(Or for pie.)

What qualifies as a Bold Move?

That’s for you to define for yourself.

:: It’s that idea you kinda wish you hadn’t had…

:: The plan which makes you nervous yet excited…

:: Or very likely that thing you’re putting off (and putting off…)


Once upon a time for me it was dropping off my headshots to casting directors. Once upon a time for someone else it was carving Mt. Rushmore.

It’s not the size of a Bold Move that matters but the fact that the doing of it takes you into uncharted territory and challenges you – even just a wee bit – to risk and grow and trust and s-t-r-e-t-c-h.

It requires you to step into the shoes of the person you want to be.

And eventually (amazingly) those moves become “no big deal, been there, done that” sorts of things.

And please take a moment to celebrate every Bold Move you make!

(That’s where the pie comes in.)