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Jenny’s Leap Year

When Jenny O'Connor connected with me she already had a [...]

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Newsletter Highlights: 2015

In case you've juuuuust joined my newsletter list, below are [...]

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  • Gene Tognacci Your Leap Year

Gene’s Leap Year

Gene Tognacci will always have a special place in my [...]

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  • Your Best is Yet to Come

Your Best Is Yet To Come

Your best is yet to come. How you viscerally respond [...]

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  • Colin Berry Your Leap Year

Colin’s Leap Year

I first met freelance writer/marketing consultant Colin Berry in 2009, [...]

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  • Inside My Mastermind Group

Inside My Mastermind Group

Some of my all-time favorite things are "befores and afters." [...]

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  • Stephanie Jackson Your Leap Year

Stephanie’s Leap Year

Being invited to contribute to someone's personal development and career [...]

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  • Kevin Powe Your Leap Year

Kevin’s Leap Year

True, I'm very fond of my long-distance Leap Year client, [...]

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  • My Approach to Creating a Website

My Approach to Creating a Website

Let me start with some full disclosure... ...although I built [...]

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Just deal with it. (Or not.)

Wouldn’t life be so much smoother… …without all these pesky [...]

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