A few additional thoughts:

Becoming an adult

…is something not a lot of adults have done yet.

Why not?

Because that threshold is not automatically crossed when you become a certain age.

It’s crossed when you become someone who is fully empowered.

:: A fully empowered person is willing to give themselves permission to trust their instincts.

:: A fully empowered person is willing to do the work necessary to dissolve old knots from childhood.

:: A fully empowered person is willing to take complete responsibility for all of their thoughts and feelings.


Becoming an adult could happen when you are 20… or it may not happen until you are 80.

But, if you desire to experience joy, peace, and satisfaction with the greatest depth and constancy possible, growing up on the inside is required.

I believe that adulthood is our soul’s intrinsic destination, and that clearing our path of the obstacles that accumulated during our childhood is our true rite of passage.