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I’m delighted you want to know a bit more about me.

If you only want to know a wee bit more, here’s the scoop in a nutshell:

I guide creatives and independent professionals through the process of change – whether the changes are self-directed or unexpected.  And I’m exceptionally good at it because I am undaunted by complexity.

I love the color green, ice cream, and deep conversations with dynamic people.

Three of my favorite words are “before and after.”  But my favorite word is “joy.”
(That said, my favorite movie is The Exorcist.  Followed by Fight Club.  Make of me what you will.)

My official, fancy-pants bio:

Kristine Oller is a master at strategic planning, group facilitation, and personal organization.

She specializes in guiding creatives and independent professionals (most notably women in mid-life) who are making personal or professional shifts – either self-directed or unexpected.  Kristine transforms the complexity they are grappling with into clear plans of inner and outer action designed to re-connect them with their focus, function, and flow. Over the past 20 years, she has coached men and women at the top of their game (Oscar nominees, published authors, international experts, full-time artists, TEDx speakers) as well as hundreds of folks who were changing or expanding their careers, businesses, or creative pursuits.

Author of the book, Feeding Your Focus: How Creative People Can Move Forward Faster And Achieve Sustained Success, Kristine has served as a monthly columnist for two national publications  (Backstage and The VoiceOver Insider) and has been invited and hired to share her expertise with a wide range of institutions and organizations including: Harvard/ART, Caltech, Mount Saint Mary’s University, Women in Film, The Actors Fund, the International Radio Creative and Production Summit, and the cities of Glendale and Burbank in her home state of California.

Every single month for the past 17 years, Kristine has lead multiple, ongoing mastermind groups – in person and online.  Under her guidance, hundreds of creative professionals have grown their careers, developed supplemental income streams, and connected deeply with like-minded peers.

Before she retired from her 15-year career as a professional organizer, Kristine appeared on DIY Crafts on Scripps’ Do-It-Yourself Network and on Before and After’noon Movies on the USA Network.  As a Golden Circle Member of the National Association of Professional Organizers, she served on the board of the Los Angeles Chapter of NAPO.  Kristine received the 1999 Membership Award from The Actors’ Network, the Volunteer of the Year Award at the 2007 Los Angeles Organizing Awards, and the 2009 Alumni Service Award from her alma mater, Linfield College in Oregon.  She has been twice nominated for the Best Organizing Coach and Mentor Award at the Los Angeles Organizing Awards. (Who won instead of her?  Both of her mentors.  Which seems about right.)

How did I learn to do what I do?

I’ve always had an independent, enterprising streak.  Clearly, I am not a gal who was born to work in a cube.  (Who is, really?)  I’ve never had a “regular” 40-hour a week job, and I’ve never worked any of my part-time jobs for more than 3 years.  My pattern was: get a job, organize everything, get bored, get restless, get another job.  All of those jobs were there to pay the bills as I pursued my passions.

In 2001, I successfully made the transition to becoming fully self-employed in the area of my passion.  And I did so again in the area of my next passion… and the one after that.  And, very often, that’s what I’m helping my clients with – making transitions from one career to another, or from one level of success to another.

I know first hand about following one’s dream – and about choosing which dream to follow.

I’ve lived the roller coaster life of a creative artist.

From 1993-2004 I worked – as in: actually earned money and health insurance – in Los Angeles as an actor.  Yep – SAG, AFTRA, and Equity.  Although I was born in L.A., I think I had the only set of parents not involved in the entertainment industry, so I grew up only dreaming of being an actor.  (Oh I begged – and, for many years, I put “an agent” at the top of my Christmas list – but my mom was not at all interested in spending her time schlepping me around to auditions.  So no child acting for me.  Probably for the best.)

I chose to attend a small, wonderful, liberal arts college in Oregon (Linfield College), and then I returned to L.A. to start figuring out the “business of show.”  During this chapter of my life, I was fortunate to find (and smart enough to join) The Actors’ Network.  Soon after, I was selected and trained by the organization’s creator to lead the monthly Power Groups – groups of 30 actors who met for 2 hours each month to review their victories, discuss their issues, and plan their next action steps.  In the 11 years that I was a Power Group facilitator, I guided the development of 400+ actors (some of whom were in my groups for several years).  That was where I learned how to listen, discern, and coach.

Not only did I spend over a decade acting, I also spent a LOT of time analyzing the patterns of both proactivity and self-sabotage common within our industry.  I love facilitating groups and I still coach private, monthly mastermind groups for creative professionals of all types.

I built my own business.

In the middle of my performing years, I discovered “professional organizing” and immediately started my biz, Personalized Organization, as a way to earn money to support my acting career.  It worked.  Really, really well.  (All of my advice on how to start and grow a profitable side biz is here.)

I fell in love both with organizing and the autonomy of running my own business.  In 2004, after a semi-torturous, 18 month deliberation, I decided to leave acting to focus on organizing full-time.  The business exploded – in a good way.  Eventually, I had two associate organizers working for me.

During this period, my skill sets and knowledge base grew tremendously.  I learned how to make a service-based business run smoothly and I invested substantially in educating myself about internet marketing, copywriting, and product development.  Thus, I am well-equipped to steer clients towards the business approaches and tactics that will work best for them and away from the pitfalls and mistakes that many of my colleagues and I have encountered.

I fully understand the unusual and demanding dynamics of dealing with the unpredictable schedule, sporadic work hours, and unexpected fluctuations in income that come with a creative, entrepreneurial life.  The good news is I can teach you how to make plans, adjust plans, and find a sense of security within the seeming insecurity of it all.

I’ve worked “behind the scenes” in hundreds of lives.

As more of my organizing clients started asking me to organize their minds, my evolution into a “change strategist” began.  Through my book, programs, masterminds, private sessions, speaking engagements, and monthly columns, I have now shared my guidance with clients and customers all over the world.

In addition to providing mindset coaching and strategic guidance to my clients, some of the more granular work I’ve done for them includes consulting and hands-on help with: copywriting (including web text, bios, emails), branding and positioning, website and graphic design, business negotiations, product and event launches, marketing campaigns, creating additional income streams, interview prep, pricing adjustments, designing household systems, hiring and improving communications with assistants and staff, and job exits, among many other things. These types of projects are always undertaken with the intention of passing along valuable knowledge, tools, and skills to my clients.

In the fall of 2011, I retired from organizing and shifted my focus to strategic coaching. (Much easier on the back.)

I’ve learned that nothing of significance is ever achieved alone.

I’m someone who has walked ALL of the talk that you’ll find on this website.  And I know sacrifice as well as I know success.

When my future husband and I (we’re goin’ on 27+ years now) moved into our first apartment (1994) we had a card table and two folding chairs (all borrowed).  We couldn’t afford a couch and a bed so we bought a sofa-bed and slept on that for a year or two until the springs got un-sprung.  (And then we slept on the sofa-bed’s mattress on the floor.  Then we got a real mattress.  Then, eventually, we got a frame for that mattress.  Movin’ on up!)

We didn’t have a car for a year.  I walked to work and took the bus to my first student film shoot.  Once, to pay my taxes, I wrote a check to the IRS for almost exactly 1/2 of all the money I had.  Ours was a one-bedroom apartment but the sofa-bed (and, later, the sofa and the bed) were in the living room.  (Oh yes, lots of teasing from friends about this!)  But we made the “bedroom” room into our office because we knew it was the work we’d do in our office that would eventually get us into a bigger apartment.  And, a couple of years later, that’s what happened.  And, some years later, we made it happen again.

Overall, we were happy, hopeful, sometimes doubtful, but always consistently striving towards creating the texture of the life that we desired.  We were (and still are) on each other’s team.  Since then, my team has expanded: mentors, coaches, advisors, assistants, stylists, videographers, etc.  Building these teams – the hiring, firing, managing of, and delegating to – is another realm in which my clients benefit from my own (smooth and not-so-smooth) experiences.  And, for a few hours, a few months, or a few years, you can choose to have me on your team.

I believe that each person has the ability, at any moment in time, to change themselves – and by doing so, to change their life.

let’s get started