A few additional thoughts:

Most folks would assume…

…that smart + capable is an unbeatable, magical combo of qualities.

Well, not always.

I know from experience that we smarties can get distracted (and even derailed) by our capabilities.


Hey ma, look what I can do! 

I can learn strategies and implement ideas and create solutions and execute plans – WOWZERS!

Watch me go, go, go – I have this whole thing mapped out!


And yet…

…just because you can do something doesn’t necessarily mean you should be doing it.

(That’s exactly what smart, capable folks forget.)

We forget that what our mind and body can do and what our soul wishes to accomplish may be two different things.

Aligning your life and career with your capabilities seems like the natural thing to do.  (And doing so totally works to a certain degree – but it’s also, always, a boatload of work.)

It’s only once you align your life, career, and capabilities with your soul’s calling that you will experience greater momentum with less effort… a heightened sense of focus, function, and flow.