A few additional thoughts:

The pursuit of happiness…

…while 100% lovely and fun, is, in my opinion, beside the point.

If you just keep yourself alive you will experience happiness.

And sadness.
And excitement.
And jealousy.
And boredom.

And lots of other emotions that come and go and ebb and flow.

These are just temporary states of being.

I am more concerned with what you are (or are not) cultivating at your core.

Are you cultivating a foundation of joy?

And it does require conscious cultivation because joy is a choice, a mindset, a practice.

Once you have created a molten core of joy – by which I mean an unshakeable awareness of and gratitude for the magnificence of life (yours, mine, and ours) – that joy will be there for you always.

I know it sounds odd, but a foundation of joy can coexist with even the most heart-shattering grief and earth-shaking anger.

(The feeling of happiness can’t coexist with anything except other happy things. A mere hint of sadness on the horizon and happiness will bail every time.)

But here’s the most important thing about joy: it is a never-ending source of energy.

Want to always have energy to put towards your dreams?

Cultivate joy.